Inside Out 2 2024

Riley, now a teenager, faces an unexpected twist in her mind’s headquarters. The familiar emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust are taken aback when they learn their headquarters is being renovated for new emotions. Anxiety arrives first, stirring up the group with her unsettling presence. However, she isn’t alone, as other new emotions start to emerge. The established emotions struggle to understand their new companions and navigate the changes in Riley’s mind, leading to a journey of growth and adaptation for everyone involved. The movie explores the complexity of growing up with humor and heart. Follow Levidia Streaming for more.

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Title: Inside Out 2 (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Kelsey Mann
Writer: Meg LeFauve, Dave Holstein, Kelsey Mann
Stars: Amy Poehler, Maya Hawke, Kensington Tallman

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