Wild Eyed and Wicked 2024

Lily Pierce is tormented by haunting visions. Desperate for answers, she searches for her estranged father, a once-renowned history professor now living in disgrace. She hopes he can teach her to fight the supernatural threats invading her life. Together, they delve into ancient lore of knights and monsters, uncovering forgotten battles fought with swords and armor. As Lily learns to confront these eerie forces, she discovers the strength within herself and the true meaning of bravery. This thrilling journey binds father and daughter against a backdrop of history and magic. Follow Afdah TV for more.

Wild Eyed and Wicked Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Wild Eyed and Wicked (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Director: Gordon Shoemaker Foxwood
Writer: Gordon Shoemaker Foxwood
Stars: Colleen Camp, Molly Kunz, Stefanie Estes

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