Cabrini (2024)

In the midst of the poverty and sickness plaguing the slums of New York, Francesca Cabrini, an immigrant from Italy, emerges as a fearless advocate for the rights of orphaned children who are the most vulnerable victims of neglect and indifference. Determined to challenge the status quo and effect meaningful change, she embarks on a daring crusade to confront the apathetic mayor and demand immediate action to provide housing and healthcare for these marginalized youths. Despite encountering resistance and skepticism, Francesca’s unwavering resolve and persuasive prowess shine through as she tirelessly advocates for the basic human rights and dignity of those society has forsaken. Follow Afdah Drama Movies for more.

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Title: Cabrini (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Biography, Drama
Director: Alejandro Monteverde
Writer: Rod Barr, Alejandro Monteverde
Stars: Cristiana Dell’Anna, John Lithgow, David Morse

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