Confidential Informant 2023

In this touching and thought-provoking story, we follow a police detective who is fighting cancer. Despite the challenges he faces, his love for his family compels him to take an extraordinary step. In a desperate bid to ensure their financial security, he enters into an agreement with an informant. The detective agrees to put his own life on the line, accepting the risk of being killed while performing his duties as an officer. By doing so, he hopes to secure substantial death benefits from the department for his family’s future. It’s a deeply moving narrative that explores the lengths a person will go to protect and provide for their loved ones, even in the face of adversity and personal sacrifice. Watch more Afdah 2023 Movies online free streaming without anyn cost.

Confidential Informant Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Confidential Informant (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Thriller
Director: Michael Oblowitz
Writer: Michael Kaycheck, Brooke Nasser, Michael Oblowitz
Stars: Andrea Abreu, Kate Bosworth, Dianna Camacho

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